Diesel and Copper Go To Colorado!

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Diesel, and Copper, Go To Colorado!

Diesel and Momma Chillin on the road

Road trips are a blast, sitting behind the wheel as you drift over the flat lands, blood slowing and sometimes coming to a screeching halt in your lower extremities. The aches and pains setting in to tease you while you avoid exit after exit hoping to shave off another 30 min to a seemingly endless road. Who knew sitting on your butt could be so hard?

Those things are typical when you travel alone. Try traveling 1100 miles, one way, with 2 adults, 2 kids, 1 Pit Bull puppy and 1 Husky crammed into an SUV then picking up one more teenager to boot. 

Yep! That's exactly what we did.

First a little background. 

I am the proud Papa to Diesel and Copper. Diesel is my Pit Bull, not so puppy, now. We rescued him but not from a shelter. He was an unwanted puppy mill dog that fell into our hands and into our hearts. I mean who could resist these eyes? Um not my wife haha. She picked him up and refused to put him back down. And yeah, I couldn't either. I mean.. seriously!!??/ Look at those eyes!!

Diesel from Little Pit Shop as a puppy

Diesel is getting big so fast it's hard to keep up. We are doing all the responsible Pit Bull owner things like socializing him, with each and every child, dog, cat and even a hamster that we can put in front of him. He's a sweetheart and nowhere near a danger to society, as some might suggest, but when you own a Pit Bull you really have to put all doubts away. 

Copper is another story. He is a Husky that I have had since a pup. He is about 13 years old and very calm cool and collected. I hadn't planned on taking the entire gang but Copper is getting up there in years and hadn't been himself lately. You see, he's been my dog since my teenage daughter was about 3 years old. She grew up with both Copper and my previous Pit Bull Bear. Now that was a great dog! His exploits are a whole other story. Unfortunately, he passed a couple years ago. 

I didn't raise them in the golden age of everybody has a phone camera so many photos are in boxes or prints and some frames. Here are a few of my favorites from over the years.

Copper the Husky and Bear the Pit Bull Thunder Buddies for LifeCopper the Husky and Bear the Pit Bull playing on a hike

Sarah and Bear the Pit Bull She loved himBear the Pit Bull and Copper the Husky with Sarah

As you can see, I could hardly leave Copper behind. With him getting old, my daughter may not have many more chances to see him. Between the three of them, they were Thunder Buddies for life!

Now back to the road trip..

When you have 2 kids and 2 dogs crammed into a vehicle, add 2-4 hours to your drive time. You will need it. Luckily Diesel was getting old enough that he could hold it for a while and Copper of course has no issue with that.. but the kiddos haha oh boy.

Diesel, the Pit Bull, had the best seating, He spent the majority of the time up front in Mommas lap. He was small enough to be there but big enough to feel like a 30lb sack of potatoes at times. He did enjoy scoping out the passersby. 

Diesel the Pit Bull getting a look at the road

And of course, he is a lover!

Diesel the Pit Bull giving loving to Momma

Thank the lord for gas and potty stops. Striking a pose..

Diesel the Pit Bull Copper the Husky and Family

Missouri was the most fun on the drive because there is a town in Missouri called Uranus. Add to the entertainment a sign about every 10-20 miles proudly reporting the fudge factory in Uranus and well.. we are very immature. :) Let's just say the jokes sprung forth like the fudge out of Uranus. ewww

So we made it to the Denver area to pick Sarah up in the evening after leaving at about 3am Eastern time. The girls were excited to be picking up Sarah and we were heading to Colorado Springs and then the mountains for the weekend. However, do you think we had enough in the vehicle? Of course not! 2 adults, 2 smaller children, 2 dogs and 1 teenager.. May as well pick up a hedgehog to boot eh!!

Yes, we had a planned surprise to pick up Sarah's birthday gift a few weeks early since we were there. Here comes Bruce the hedgehog..

Note: Bear with me as I learn the art of youtube video making. I'm certainly not a professional youtuber but please comment, subscribe and share as you see fit. Your input means the world to me and likely will help me provide better content and videos.

So now we have Bruce, yes that's what Sarah decided to name her new hedgehog. 

Spent the night in a hotel in the Springs and then we went to Bishop's Castle. If you live in Colorado and have never been or you are planning a trip there, I highly recommend a trip there.

Bishop's Castle in Colorado

What started out small turned into one man's life long work. For probably the past 40 years or so Jim Bishop has been building his Castle by hand and almost entirely by himself. He's getting up there in years but he was there the day we visited and Kathy even got a selfie with him. 

Kathy and Jim Bishop at his Castle in Colorado

We got quite a few pics, far too many to post here but I will load up on them as much as I can because it's such a cool place. 

Copper is old and doesn't move too well so we rolled the windows down and he stayed in the truck. Diesel made quite a few friends and everyone just loved him there.

Bishop's Castle with Sarah, Lily and Emma

The Castle is quite the site. It has a great room with stained glass sections that are personalized. The front of the Castle has a stainless steel dragon head at the top of the great room and there are a couple of high towers. 

Diesel the Pit Bull meets some really mouthy Chihuahuas

He doesn't charge admission but you are free to donate and you can pretty much go where ever you like un-escorted. It's kind of like a giant playground. Definitely need to watch your kids and be careful because there are some pretty high up very exposed areas and nothing really to prevent access.

John and Kathy up on the cat walk at Bishop's Castle

Kathy, Sarah, Lily and Emma with Diesel the Pit Bull in the great room and Bishop's Castle Colorado

John, Kathy, Sarah, Lily, Emma and Diesel in the big chair at Bishop's Castle in Colorado

By the way, if you like the Proud Pit Bull Papa Pit Bull T shirt, you can buy it here.


I wish I could post more pictures but I may never shut up about Bishop's Castle. Anyway, if you get the chance, it's worth a look.

Next stop on our trip was Lake City, Colorado. This is a small mountain town that I didn't now existed until a trip back from Mesa Verde a few years ago. It was just Sarah and I then but we stumbled across this cool little town on the way home and I always wanted to go back. So we did! That first image is from when we Sarah and I stumbled on it a few years ago. You can see the lake in the background and the appeal for wanting to return.

John and Sarah when we discovered Lake City Colorado

Just one night there but we lucked out again. When checking into our room for the night, we were warned of bears in the area and definitely don't leave any dogs outside on their own so we kept Diesel and Copper close or inside. Here are some images of the Bear in a tree just outside of the place we ate breakfast the next morning and a paw print we found on the truck the next morning. No wonder why the dogs were going nuts in our room that night.

Bear paw print on our truck Lake City Colorado

Bear in the tree outside where we ate breakfast Lake City Colorado

I don't have a ton of pictures but Lake City has it's unique features. Such as the Alfred Packer Massacre. This was one of the cool off the beaten path things that you really don't learn unless you stumble on it, which I did several years ago. Turns out back in the 1800's a local guide got stranded out in the winter and ate his customers, that's the short version of the story. Per the the Roadside America website "A small rock marks the massacre spot, complete with a plaque listing the tasty victims."  

Alfred Packer Massacre Site Sign, Lake City Colorado

 Can't say you run across this sort of thing every day.

Onward we go to the next gem in the great state of Colorado. One of my all time favorite places to visit so I had to take Diesel, Copper and the Family there, the little, formerly, ghost town St. Elmo, Colorado. This hidden treasure is just off Hwy 285 south of Buena Vista, Colorado and past the Mt Princeton Hot Springs. As far as ghost towns go, this place has probably the most standing structures I have ever seen in anything labeled a ghost town. There are people living there and maintaining the buildings but some are building new houses and such so I'm not sure it totally qualifies as a ghost town anymore, thus my label of "formerly". However, it is still really cool and well worth a visit. Many of the old houses and buildings have the year built displayed.

I did insert some pictures here from my last trip to St. Elmo before this one. The images I took this day turned out not so good and I wanted to share some good images of this great place. 

St. Elmo Colorado by Little Pit Shop Kathy and Sarah 2015Mom at St. Elmo Colorado Little Pit ShopKathy and Sarah St. Elmo 2015

One of the most awesome highlights of a trip to St. Elmo is the chipmunk feeding area across from the general store. People have been feeding these chipmunks for years so they are very used to people and will eat right out of your hand and crawl all over you to get to food if you have it. Bring plenty of sunflower seeds with you.

We tried really hard to get a good family picture of all of us on the way out of the canyon leading to St. Elmo. Not great quality but we captured the moment. :)

Diesel and Copper go to Colorado family photo near Mt Princeton Hot Springs

Promo shot - notice both Emma and I are wearing littlepitshop  pit bull t shirts. Emma has on a ladies small My Life Matters Ladies T-Shirt and I am wearing the All Paws Matter Gildan T-Shirt, both available at Littlepitshop.com or you can buy them right here in the blog. 

Since I was in town for both Sarah's birthday and to work, we got a condo for the rest of the week in Littleton. Once we got back from the mountains, we got the first snowfall of the season. Diesel didn't know what to think.

Diesel the Pit Bull Puppy in the snow for the first time

But he loved it and had a blast. In the evening I would come home and read a bit out of the Pit Bull magazine I had picked up. Diesel was very interested in my reading material.

Diesel the Pit Bull Puppy reading Pit Bull magazine

I got the work and Mama got the cuddles. haha.

Momma and Diesel the Pit Bull Puppy

The condo was nice and of course Copper and Diesel had a great time on those wood floors.

While the week spent there wasn't as eventful as the previous weekend, we still got around and enjoyed some of the local beauty, like this drive up Lookout Mountain in Golden. You can imagine your own caption here. I'm not entirely sure what they are doing

Kathy and Sarah Vogue

Unfortunately, all good things come to an end and it was time to mount up and head back to Indiana. We bid out farewells until next time. Sarah and Bruce were ready to settle in and let Bruce get used to his new home.

Sarah and Bruce the hedgehogSarah and Bruce the hedgehog 2Bruce the hedgehog

So we hit the road to we will rock you and road out of town.

Road tripping is hard but fun. Diesel was still not too big and was able to ride up front most of the time but that probably won't be the case next time. Maybe next time I'll have to break out the new Ultimate back seat cover and try it out for the road.

That's just about the end of this blog post and it's about time. I'm kinda tired of writing but before I let you go, I'd like to bring up an important topic. It's the reason this blog exists and affects millions of dogs. Breed Specific Legislation (BSL). BSL can take the form of many different laws from bans to mandatory sterilization, mostly bans. These bans primarily target Pit Bull and Pit "type" dogs. They are open ended in a way that most any block head dog in appearance can be designated as a Pit Bull and can be seized and destroyed, in some areas. This amounts to a war on Pit Bulls, Pit type dogs and several other breeds such as Rottweilers. 

No BSL traffic sign style at Little Pit Shop

These laws are in effect in something like 1000 U.S. Cities across roughly 36 states. Recently, the city of Springfield, Missouri city counsel forced a Pit Bull ban down the throats of the residents there. When the residents pushed back, instead of overturning their counsel introduced ban, they deferred it to a popular vote which will not take place until late this year, 2018. That means the fight will drag on and cost more money, for a fight they never should have been in. Things like this happen in more municipalities than you may know. 

I have raised many dogs in my life, several of which were Pit Bulls, and I am raising one now. These are wonderful family dogs, loyal and very smart. They are easy to train and are unfairly being attacked in the media. That's why we focus the Blog post on Diesel. There really isn't a war on Huskies. I never come across people that as me if my Husky bites or if he's dangerous. And to that end, nobody has really asked that of Diesel so far either but he is still a puppy and his cute overrides any preconceived fears people may have. That won't last forever.

Diesel the Pit Bull Puppy in his Pit Bull Dog Hoodie By Little Pit Shop

Bear was a different story. Slight sidebar here... He was the best dog ever but, despite never having harmed anyone, he was branded nuisance by the local Sheriff department and even took a bullet at close range when he got out of the yard one morning and was playing on the school yard with some kids. Yes, he was playing! and the Deputy discharges his firearm into the back of his neck. That's another story altogether. Let me know if you'd like that story in a Blog by sending me a note. 

The bottom line is we need your help to fight back against BSL. Now everyone can't adopt a dog. Some people just aren't in a position to. While some may be in a position to, there may be some form of BSL in their area that prevents them from saving a Pit Bull. These dogs are born innocent and should be protected not vilified. 

That's why I started littlepitshop.com 

There are many roles to play in this fight. You can adopt, you can speak out, attend rallies, donate or just talk to people in your circles. We want to help you express your support and maybe influence others to join that fight against BSL.

We sell pro Pit Bull Gear. You can think of our Pit Bull T Shirts, Hoodies, Hats etc... as a uniform for Pit Bull owners and advocates everywhere. It's a way of showing support and bringing attention to a sensitive subject that affects millions of dogs and their families, or prospective families. Our Pit Bull Advocate Gear is freshly printed to order in the US and can take about a week to 10 days to arrive to US locations. Internationally it can take a bit longer.

We also have Doggie Apparel, as shown with Diesel in his Sporty Dog Hoodie above, and an assortment of collars, leashes, harnesses etc... Full disclosure: These products are sourced overseas and can take up to 3 weeks to deliver but if you are Ok with that, they are great products and really put the style in doggy-style lol.

Dog Harness for medium and large dogs, Pit Bulls

As a special incentive, I'd like to offer you 15% off your first order. Just enter "ENDBSL" into the promo box at checkout and receive 15% off your entire order. We also have a great deal on shipping, if you buy 2 pit bull t-shirts or more, shipping is free. If you spend more the $50 on an order, you don't pay shipping. Our products also make great gifts for those dog loving friends of yours. 

Anyway, I hope you enjoyed this little story. Please join our mailing list by clicking the upper right corner of your browser on desktop or the bottom on mobile where it says "Join the Fight". You can also enter your email in the footer of this page. I will definitely not share your email with anyone and I don't send all that many emails so I promise not to clog up your inbox. You can also like us on Facebook, Follow us on Instagram and Twitter as well by clicking the icon in the footer. If you have any questions whatsoever, feel free to hit me up. 

Thank you so much and talk to you soon!

John Delk

Founder Little Pit Shop

If you enjoyed our blog post, signup to our email list and feel free to checkout our online store. Our apparel is all unique designs only available at the littlepitshop.com 

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Little Pit Shop

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