Top 5 Common Myths About Pit Bulls

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Top 5 Common Myths About Pit Bulls

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Did you know that pit bull breeds were beloved members of the American military in WW1? In fact Sgt. Stubby, the most decorated war dog, was able to warn his unit of poisonous gas attacks after he himself had been gassed.

So, how did this beautiful breed get such a bad rap when it was once America's most important mascot? Overhyped news reports? Inaccurate dog bite reports? The effects of dog fighting? The story of how isn't extremely clear, but it inspired us to debunk 5 of the terrible myths surrounding pit bull breeds.

1. Pit Bulls Breeds Are Violent

This is probably the most widespread myth about pit bulls. A dog's breed doesn't have anything to do with whether it will become violent.

The American Pit Bull Terrier, the American Staffordshire Terrier and the Staffordshire Bull Terriers all tested very well according to the American Temperament Test Society (ATTS), with passing rates of 87.4%, 85.5% and 90.9% respectively. 

Most (84.4%) of dog bite fatalities were from unneutered dogs. The way a dog is treated has a significant impact on its aggression. Abused, neglected, and violently trained dogs are also more likely to bite. 

2. It Isn't Safe to Adopt a Pit Bull from a Shelter

Sometimes you will know a dog's past history if you rescue him from a shelter. But the chances are more likely that you won't.

However, shelter staff can tell you about a dog's personality, his likes and dislikes, and whether it has been aggressive. This isn't based on breed, this is based on each dog as an individual being.

To avoid chaos and confusion after you've brought your new dog home, bring your entire family when you go to visit the dog at the shelter. If you have other animals, especially dogs and cats, bring them too.

3. Pit Bulls Are Bred for Fighting

Yes, there are some sick people out there who abuse pit bulls and other animals for their own profit. However, those purposes aren't why those dogs are here.

Nor is there anything in their DNA that indicates pit bulls are "bully breeds" or "fight dogs." Remember when Michael Vick got in trouble for using pit bulls for fighting?

They changed after being placed in loving homes. This is a great read!

4. Their Jaws Lock

There isn't a pit bull breed with locking jaws. In fact, no dog breed has locking jaws.

The bigger and wider a dog's skull is, the stronger his bite will be. This fact, however, doesn't influence a breed's behavior or attitude at all.

Also, just because one dog may have a stronger bite than another, it doesn't mean that stronger dog is a biter. And for the record, pit bulls aren't the strongest breed around when compared to the rest of the dog world.

5. Pit Bulls Are Unpredictable

When properly cared for, most dogs are happy and stable. If a dog becomes unpredictable, it's usually a sign of a medical condition.

In these cases, the dog should visit a vet and animal behaviorist right away. Afterall, pit bulls are still the dogs who were nicknamed "Nanny Dogs."

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