Why Pit Bull T Shirts?

Or even more to the point, why our pit bull t shirts and hoodies? That's one question I don't think I have answered yet. 

#ENDBSL Hoodie

With the proliferation of the internet, online businesses are popping up all over cyberspace. There are probably tens or even hundreds of thousands of online merchandise retailers. Most you've never heard of but many that you have. There is no limit to the number of specialty, niche, shops popping up everyday.

In that vast sea of competition, it begs the question that we all must answer. "Why should I buy from you?" For some that may be a difficult question to answer.

For us, it's easy! The passion for pit bulls came before the merchandise.

Yeah we sell pit bull advocate apparel and we believe in spreading a positive message in defense of these wonderful dogs. However, I have owned pit bulls for years. I have experienced, first hand, many times over, the bias and concern people had when they saw my dogs. 

"Does your dog bite?" ... "Is he dangerous?" ... "You need to put a muzzle on him."

Of course, I am a responsible dog owner and I believe very much in proper training and socialization. That's essential to preventing incidents and helping end breed specific legislation (BSL).

My dogs have never been involved in any incidents. They have played well with children, people, dogs, even cats. Well my pit bulls have always gotten along with cats. I can't say the same for my Husky but that's a different topic. The point is this, with proper training, socialization and firm guidance, pit bulls make the best loyal and loving family pets you could ask for.

So what's the problem? People are the problem!

Yes! People! Not everyone mind you but there is a segment of the population that love cute and puppies of every breed are "cute". The problem is while they will likely remain good looking animals into adulthood, each and every one of them will test their boundaries and if you don't ensure that they know who the boss is, you WILL have problems. For some small breeds, no big deal right. There are tons of these yammering little hell beasts spread across the country and the world. Small dogs with big attitudes!. The byproduct of people treating them as they would their own children. One big problem! They aren't children and their DNA demands a different approach.  Now that approach is not the topic of this post but I never pass on an opportunity to make that clear!

Back on topic. Pit Bull T Shirts...uh soon!

I created the Little Pit Shop because these particular types of dogs have been trashed in the media and have become a target of persecution through no fault of their own. People will say things like, "They were bred for fighting". "They are unpredictable and will turn on their handlers without warning". Well, I'm here to tell you...

That is all BS...L (BSL)

These are majestic and strong animals and they make the best pets. They are not the monsters that some would have you believe. Pit Bull owners and advocates know this because they live it. They rescue, rehabilitate, love and nurture these dogs that have had a rough time being abused and used by people.  

Those are the people I want to reach. Those are the people that know how amazing and loving these dogs are.

I want to reach them because I am them!

I enjoy coming up with designs that speak to the heart of people like me. I want people to share their love, admiration and respect for these amazing dogs with anyone and everyone in every way possible. T Shirts are an excellent way to tell people something about yourself without saying a word. (notice how I finally got back on topic)

What makes our Pit Bull T Shirts different? 

I never design or sell a shirt that portrays pit bulls as vicious! Many shirts I see online lean towards showing these dogs as killers or hunters, teeth barring, slobbering. If we are to change the hearts and minds of skeptics, I feel we need to portray them how WE see them, majestic and strong but never vicious. 

At the Little Pit Shop, all our designs are intended to show these dogs in a positive light. Lord knows they could use a little good press. Of course, buy what feels right to you and there are some very good pit bull advocates out there doing very good work and selling good merchandise with the best intentions. I'm with them 100%. 

Give us a look and if there is a design idea you want to see, drop us a note. We do custom work as well. 

As always, thank you for your time.

Little Pit Shop

Stand Up for Pit Bulls - Stand Out in a crowd - Stand Against BSL


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