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Pit Bulls are under siege! There is a war being waged in the court of public opinion and in real courtrooms across this country! Breed Specific Legislation (BSL) affects more than 1000 US cities in roughly 36 US States have some for of BSL. The majority of these are outright bans. This makes it very difficult to adopt as Pit Bulls makeup more than half of all shelter occupants.

Below is a screen shot of the BSLCensus interactive map. It's not interactive here but if you visit the BSLCensus site, the map is interactive and you can get specific information for each state by clicking on the state. The color coding speaks for itself and you can see the far reaching effects of BSL laws across the country. If you have any information on new laws, changes or errors, please visit BSL Census.com

Map of Breed Specific Legislation by BSL Census

Dog fighting has taken it's toll on this majestic animal and must be stamped out!

Great trailer!! Not a Pit Bull but not long ago it was the Doberman that was the biggest menace to society. Just shows you it's not the breed.

We want to rebuild the image of Pit Bulls and reshape the hearts of the public. 

Our Gear is like the Official Uniform for Pit Bull Advocates across the country and world! Gear Up! 

Pit Bulls have a bad rap!

I have owned Pit Bulls all my life and have seen, first hand, how smart, loving and awesome they are. I have also seen the natural tendency towards mistrust and fear when I would walk my dog. Or the, "does your dog bite?"

Pit Bulls are wonderful loyal, lovable goofballs when raised in loving, homes and are well socialized. We need to share of that message with the public!

Pit Bulls are also endangered - not in the traditional sense but in a completely nonsensical way. Did you know that the number one bred dog in america is also the number one euthanized dog in america? Pit Bulls are being bred for Death Row! That's mind boggling to deal with.

Additionally, Breed specific legislation (BSL) is impacting dog owners across the country and around the world.  

Our best defense is education and awareness through social interaction. Do things, and more to the point, wear things that are conversation starters.

How better to create that awareness than to wear provocative apparel with a message?  

Our Mission is to create an army of walking billboards for change. The more pit bull t shirts and pit bull hoodies we can put on the backs of our customers, the more walking bill boards for we create. Will you be a conversation starter for us?

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Save some paws! Support the cause!

We are avid supporters of our local shelters and, as such, every purchase you make helps save a life! 

Pit Bull Owners are Passionate about their dogs and we believe in outward expression of the heart. We literally wear our hearts on our sleeves. 

Check out our Blog!

We recently rescued a Pit Bull puppy, Diesel. Diesel provides us a great opportunity to document his upbringing, share his training, socialization and just funny stuff that goes along for the ride. He is growing fast and I'm new to blogging so bear with me as we bring you his life in snippets. 

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Other Ways to help: 

Adoption - The obvious first choice as it puts a pit, or any dog in need, into a stable loving home. That's all they want. 

Foster care - Many thousands of dogs in shelters across the country, and world, are in need of foster care. Fostering is simply providing a stable loving environment to help a dog transition from shelter life until they find a permanent home. In many cases, dogs may be recovering from illness or surgeries and a loving stable environment is essential for recovery. 

Volunteering - Chances are there is a shelter near you that would welcome your support. Caring for animals is a labor of love but it is still labor, feeding, walking, socializing, promoting, and the list goes on. Volunteering is great for a young person to build up their confidence, socialize with animals and other young people and it looks good on your resume. 

Donations - Direct donations are a very easy way to contribute. We are a merchandise store and do not take donations directly. However, check our shelter and charities page for information that can help you find the right place for you to donate. 

Vigilance - Dog Fighting is illegal in the US but underground dog fighting rings are still very much in operation. The internet has made it easier for dog fighters to share information for organized dog fighting. The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA) works to combat dog fighting rings and educate the public on this very important topic.

Shopping - Of course we are a merchandise online store. Our products are intended to be provocative conversation starters. The official "uniform" for Pit Bull Advocates to help you change the hearts and minds of those in your sphere of influence. Please join the club.

Here at the Little Pit Shop, we provide links to donate directly to numerous pit bull shelters and funds, both locally and nationally. We are a proud supporters of our local shelter, the Indianapolis Humane Society. Most of our merchandise is intended as a message to support pit bulls and foster both good will and conversation. 

Don't get us wrong, we love all dogs. You will find various breed related products in our store along with some fun stuff. We strive to keep adding fresh new designs that foster love of all animals.  

Help us raise awareness and promote pit bull rescue and adoptions with every purchase! 

Stand Up! for Pit Bulls

Stand Out! in a crowd!

Stand Against! BSL

Gear Up! At The Little Pit Shop!

Thanks for all you do, 

John Delk 

Founder of littlepitshop.com